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please take my staff roles away and farewell. ps Smith you better still be here and if you are i hope your doing good same with woods, Zack, and landon. i will never forget you guys. and im sorry i didnt explain anything to yall i was upset and perm deleted my discord. Love T. Farms
Just Know I Miss yall and hope you all are doing good. regardless of what anyone has heard i never meant to do anything bad and i knew yall could see what i did and fix it. i was upset and just did some dumb things for attention. i miss this community alot and hope its going well.
"Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you're giving blood." - Bill Murray
"They know not to call me Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From 12-1 I gotta get outta there. I have to go. You got to go!" - Joey "Coco" Diaz
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About Project Underground RP

  • Project Underground RP is a premier gaming community focused on FiveM, a roleplay mod built on Grand Theft Auto 5. Our server focuses on active public safety departments, including the Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff's Department, the San Andreas Highway Patrol, and San Andreas Fire Departments. Apply today to join one of our whitelisted departments to take part in an active gaming community with a respectful staff team and group of founders. Opportunities available to our whitelisted members include SWAT team, dispatch, and air traffic control certifications. Be sure to join our Discord for more information.

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